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Showcasing Elizabeth Lazo Contemporary Artist

Showcasing Elizabeth Lazo Contemporary Artist

Showcasing Elizabeth Lazo Contemporary ArtistShowcasing Elizabeth Lazo Contemporary ArtistShowcasing Elizabeth Lazo Contemporary Artist

About Me and Contact Information


I was created to create.

As long as I can remember art has been my passion.  Art is fun and magical to me, how one can bring color, light, beauty and movement, while making a loud statement with your hands? I enjoy using layers of colors,  reclaimed textiles and plaster, that bring depth to my pieces.  They make the eye and the mind wonder what is she using? Only when you get up close you realize what mediums I have used.  Your hands just want to feel every ripple and movement, that stimulates the mind.  My work constantly presents new challenges that push me to grow and evolve.  Creating doesn’t play a role in my life - it is my life.


My Mixed Media Technique.

The term Mixed Media Art, covers a broad spectrum of mediums.  I specialize in recycled  and reclaimed textiles, plaster, acrylics, chalk, colored pencils and found objects.

I challenge myself when it comes to my technique.  It’s all about being human, discovering, playing, dancing going with the flow, and making mistakes that many times turn out to be beautiful discoveries.

What my technique really is: Use all you can find, recycle, and get your hands dirty.


Artist Bio

Some say that artists are born; others, that they are made.  Elizabeth Lazo’s life path seems to support both tropes.

Born in Cuba, Elizabeth migrated with her family at age five to Miami in 1967.  A powerful trigger and turning point came at age six when her godmother, Maggie, gave her a large set of watercolors, igniting a passion for art that grew continuously through the years.  As she describes it,  “When I picked up that paintbrush, I just could not let go. That year, in 2nd Grade, I won a blue ribbon in an art contest.”  This early recognition fueled her passion, and Lazo asserts,  “For years in school,  I never stopped using my paintbrush, and took every art class available.”

Graduating high school at 16, Elizabeth Lazo then attended Miami Dade College in 1979 studying Art Education.  Soon thereafter, she met her husband JC, had a daughter, Jecely, and found herself working in the Financial Services Industry.  Despite the somewhat opposite career path,  Lazo continued to focus on her art throughout, doing private commission pieces, designing jewelry (published in Jewelry Affaire)  and participating in art shows.  Currently working for UBS, serendipitously, her company avidly supports the arts, including Miami’s legendary Art Basel.

In December 2018, Elizabeth Lazo accepted her sister’s invitation to attend Red Dot Miami, a modern contemporary art experience happening during December’s Miami Art Week, concurrent with Art Basel.  What was originally a chance to view their friend’s sculpture exhibit synchronistically led Lazo to her first big break as an artist:  she instantly “felt I was in my element,” and her sister encouraged her with,  “You belong here.”  Buoyed by the positive feedback, Lazo submitted her recent works and applied to be in the next show.

Two weeks later, she was notified she’d been accepted, and Lazo’s extraordinarily vibrant, colorful, striking art pieces will take their place as an exhibited collection at Red Dot Miami 2019.  

Elizabeth now stated,  “With the support of my family, my community and my agent,  I am able to follow my dreams with confidence and ease and see my future full of adventure and opportunity.”    


Red Dot Miami 2019


Lazo Art

Artist: Elizabeth Lazo


Contact number: 561-603-7978 

instagram: elizabethlazoart



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